Our Clients Say

– Delia J

This is excellent information for setting up online courses. I think it will help students if all courses follow this format. Thank you for organizing this information. This is a great resource for all instructors and especially good for new instructors. Delia J - Math Instructor

– Darlene A

The format that links all of the materials and activities together for that week is very student friendly. Students taking online classes should not have to spend their time and effort trying to figure out what to do or where to find information. With this format, their attention will be on the content and on developing their skills. Darlene A - English Instructor

– Kevin B

I have been an adjunct instructor for more than a decade. During this time, I've witnessed incredible growth in online teaching and learning resources. Admittedly I have made minimal use of all the "bells & whistles," but this training module has opened up some doors and broadened my perspective. Additionally, this training has given me the tools to improve myself as an instructor. Kevin B - Biology Instructor

– Lisa D

First, let me say that I am grateful that you have provided this thorough training for its online instructors. The content was very helpful, detailed and explained the new procedures very well. It is also very helpful for students to see consistency among their online classes to help eliminate confusion and foster a successful learning environment. Lisa D - History Instructor