Mr. Younginer and Mr. Riechers have presented at local, regional and national conferences on the topics of online education. Here are a few links to presentation summaries, webinar links, publications and other information related to their knowledge in the field of online education.

Riechers Represents NETC at eLearning Conference

Instructional Technology Council – Webinar

Branding your online college

Desire2Learn – Webinar

C.H.A.L.K. ? From the Chalkboard to the Keyboard: An Online Faculty Development Program

Desire2Learn – Whitepaper

FDTC Online College Redesign ? C.H.A.L.K.

The No-Fail Success Formula, Largest Online Tutoring Business in the US, Delivers 14 Million Online Sessions

Babson Survey Research Group

Online Learning Survey Number one ranking among 2-year online colleges in South Carolina