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Are you sure you are in compliance with regional and national oversight agencies?

We provide a systematic audit for all your distance education programs (certificates, diplomas, and degrees). Based on the results of the audit Virtical Education then performs the comprehensive training component of our services (first discovery, then implementation). Then the team provides a scalable solution to implement a good faith action plan for any identified areas of concern (discovery, implementation, and then solutions).

Compliance is a process, not a destination. Does your institution have the knowledge and toolset, ready and available to complete the process and protect your institution?

Looking to increase success rates in your online programs and courses?

Virtical Education was formed by two individuals with over 25 years of online education experience. Over the last 5 years, they collaborated on an idea to develop a program that evaluates online courses, trains faculty in best practices in online education and assesses overall effectiveness. The data collected over the past three years indicated an unprecedented? 8% increase in pass rates in all online courses while the failure rate has decreased by over 5%, which is outstanding as most institutions struggle to have a 1% increase in aggregate pass rates. Furthermore, their proven system has established online courses performing better than their onsite counterparts. This is due in large part to our comprehensive, systematic approach to online education.

Looking to provide a more comprehensive training program for your online faculty?

Many colleges are seeing rapid growth in online education and are finding it more and more difficult to get faculty trained on the LMS system they use and what the specific policies and procedures are and how to follow them. Some colleges have faculty training in place but is there consistency across all departments and across all campuses? The system we developed can easily be rolled out and implemented across all departments and campuses.

Interested in VR and AR course content?

In addition to providing our unique system to help with your online college operations, we also offer a full virtual reality service suite. We can take your content into the virtual realm where students can engage the content, not just read it.

Redesign your way of providing courses to students at your institution.

Do you want to bring the physical environment into a non-physical or virtual environment? At Virtical Education, we have access to the latest VR software and design studio that transforms the way you teach as well as how students can interact with course material. We offer an immersive experience with a variety of content ranging from virtual welding, forklift operations, HVAC, OSHA Compliant Lock Out/Tag Out and many others.

Has your institution ever thought about redesigning the campus tour process?

We can offer your potential students the ability to visit your campus in the comfort of their own home. We have additional services that can allow students to “visit” your campus in a VR environment.?We can develop virtual tours both around your campus and inside the buildings, labs, classrooms and sport’s facilities.

In her article: 4 Ways College Are Embracing Virtual Reality Erin Breterton?states the following:

Current students aren’t the only ones benefitting from AR and VR. Several institutions have incorporated high-tech tactics into their recruitment strategies, with impressive results. In 2015, the Savannah College of Art and Design sent Google Cardboard headsets to 30,000 accepted students to let them visually explore the schools campuses in Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia; Hong Kong; and Lacoste, France. SCAD featured a 26 percent jump in admissions within 12 months of starting the program??

Do you feel like your online courses are limited to PowerPoints and general textbook resources?

We can help you understand how to take advantage of Google Virtual Tours and Instructional Design Program! In addition to providing our full VR services, we also provide our curriculum services for the latest Google Virtual ToursĀ  Arts and Sciences to your online courses. Using Google Virtual Tours, we can provide a systemic plan to improve interaction and instructional design content to your Humanities & Art courses. Redesign the way students take Art and History, with an immersive experience!

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