About Us

Virtical Education specializes in helping institutions develop and maintain quality online courses and programs. We work with colleges and universities to assess the overall design, delivery, and management of online courses and programs.

Our process involves an overall review of courses and programs looking for key elements that regional accreditors and federal agencies tend to pick up on when they are on campus for a site visit. Some of the elements we look at are:

  • Faculty and student interaction
  • Varied methods of assessment
  • Learning outcomes
  • Course and program review processes
  • Faculty training
  • Online Student Support Services

When we find issues we make specific recommendations and implement our C.H.A.L.K. system. This system trains faculty on how to effectively teach online and it trains administrators and department chairs how to manage and evaluate online courses and programs.

With a successful implementation, clients can expect to see an increase in retention, success rates, student satisfaction, and revenue.

With over 30 years of higher education experience in both 2-year and 4-year institutions working in both traditional education and online education, we are confident that we can help your online college move from fragmented and fractured to functional and effective.


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