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Virtical Education helps colleges and universities move from a chalkboard mentality to a keyboard modality. Our system involves an online course and program audit followed by faculty and staff training as well as overall layout and design for online courses. This system is proven to increase success rates and retention in online courses and programs.

Covid-19 Update

Virtical Education has been helping colleges transition from the physical classroom to the virtual classroom for years. Our faculty training along with our course reviews can quickly help colleges prepare for the next crisis that could hit any campus. We can begin  the process now with a targeted phone call or Zoom session with academic personnel, vice presidents, deans, department chairs, and others to discuss the best ways to navigate these challenging times. We can begin to look at where your college is in the transition and make recommendations for how you can continue to move forward in this shift to online education. Once we see where your institution is in the process and help you ensure you are moving forward we can then help you put a plan in place to prepare for the next situation that could force your institution back online.  If you would like to contact us please feel free to email us at or call us at 843-413-2860.


With over 50 years in combined online education experience, the team at Virtical Education helps colleges transition from the physical classroom to the virtual classroom. We help faculty and administrators understand what is required if their goal is to offer quality courses and programs online. We help them understand what the oversight agencies (Department of Education – Financial Aid – and regional accrediting agencies) require of colleges who teach online. Colleges who do not fully understand the complexities of online education can sometimes find themselves in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. A quick online search will provide some examples of what can happen if an institution jumps into online education without understanding what is required of them. Take a minute to ask yourself these questions:

Could your institution survive a multi-million dollar fine imposed by the Department of Education for not meeting certain standards in online education? How about a lawsuit from former students claiming your online program lacks the quality of your on-campus program? Are you confident that your regional accrediting agency will give you an all-clear review of your online courses and programs? Can you provide all of the supporting documentation showing that you provide the same services for your online students that you do for your on-campus students?

Online Education is growing very quickly in the US. In 2016 over 6 million students were taking at least one online course. (Campus Technology  1/22/18) Many, if not most, institutions are trying to figure out how to enroll their share of these students. The primary focus of most colleges has been on recruiting and enrolling students with very little attention paid to how well students are served once they begin their online courses. We take a look at areas most institutions don’t think about. Here is what we can do for you:

It starts with a completely confidential compliance discovery audit.

~You need to know and understand where your institution stands with respect to the Department of Education and your Regional Accreditation Authority.
~This safe audit shows you any shortcomings or areas of improvement needed to adhere to the principles of accreditation or Department of Education requirements.
~This comprehensive audit also uncovers areas of strength you institution can exploit for further growth

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~We will review three online courses and produce a sample report of our findings.

Comprehensive Training of Faculty, administrators and Staff.

~We provide training for faculty on how to effectively teach online boosting completion and retention.
~We work with distance education administrators and staff members to implement and ensure best practice implementation and compliance.
~We help ensure college leadership complies with all Department of Education standards and accompanying Regional accreditation standards.

Provide complete documentation of all findings and develop a good faith action plan for all compliance issues, with a scalable timeline for implementation for correction activities.

In short, we first provide a systematic audit for all your distance education programs (certificates, diplomas, and degrees). Based on the audit above Virtical Education then performs the comprehensive training component of our services (first discovery, then implementation). Then the team provides a scalable solution to implement a good faith action plan for any identified areas of concern (discovery, implementation, and then solutions).

Compliance is a process, not a destination, does your institution have the knowledge and toolset, ready and available to complete the process and protect your institution?

Don’t let your institution fall prey to the Department of Education or your Regional Accrediting Authority.  Contact the experts at Virtical Education today.

We at Virtical Education understand that the above steps are defensive measures, but Virtical Education also provides some significant benefits. Some of the many benefits of Virtical Education’s programs provide are:

~Increased Online Retention (matching and sometimes outpacing face-to-face retention)
~Increased Course Completion
~Increased Persistence

The proximate result of these benefits lead to increased enrollment, retention and therefore increased sustainability and revenue.

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Faculty workshop

About Us

Our solution begins with an audit of your online courses and programs. When issues are discovered we develop a customized proposal to address the issues. Our solutions include on-campus consultations, training and follow-up.

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Faculty Training

We believe investing in faculty members is one of the most important things an institution can do. A well-trained faculty member will benefit the institution in ways no other investment can. Proper training and support can lead to increased retention rates as well as increased success rates.

Happy Students

Our Clients Say

– Jo W

As a small two-year college, we knew we needed to make changes to what we were doing in the area of online education, but we were not sure where to start, and we were not sure we could get everyone on board. Virtical Education was able to meet with us and guide us through their comprehensive system of reviewing, reporting and re-training. We started with an audit to find out exactly where we were in the area of online education compliance and quality. Once we understood where we were, they helped us move to where we needed to be through a series of key meetings with administrators and extensive training of our faculty. We were so pleased with the results we have requested a Phase 2 that will help us with our commitment to continuous improvement in online education.

– Delia J

This is excellent information for setting up online courses. I think it will help students if all courses follow this format. Thank you for organizing this information. This is a great resource for all instructors and especially good for new instructors. Delia J - Math Instructor

– Darlene A

The format that links all of the materials and activities together for that week is very student friendly. Students taking online classes should not have to spend their time and effort trying to figure out what to do or where to find information. With this format, their attention will be on the content and on developing their skills. Darlene A - English Instructor

– Kevin B

I have been an adjunct instructor for more than a decade. During this time, I've witnessed incredible growth in online teaching and learning resources. Admittedly I have made minimal use of all the "bells & whistles," but this training module has opened up some doors and broadened my perspective. Additionally, this training has given me the tools to improve myself as an instructor. Kevin B - Biology Instructor

– Lisa D

First, let me say that I am grateful that you have provided this thorough training for its online instructors. The content was very helpful, detailed and explained the new procedures very well. It is also very helpful for students to see consistency among their online classes to help eliminate confusion and foster a successful learning environment. Lisa D - History Instructor